It was just normal for them and should be for us.

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If we define pedophilia only as sexual activity with pre-pubescants, it was probably most extensive in Polynesian cultures. In pre-modern cultures the occasional pre-pubescent girl might be married off if a family was too poor to support an extra child, or wanted to make a dynastic union, but it was the exception rather than the norm. In 16th century England for example the average age of marriage was in the 20s for both sexes. And although child marriage in Muslim countries might draw a lot of international attention, that's just because of how shocking it is to Western audiences, not because it's common.

In Polynesian cultures however adult-child sex was practically ubiquitous, as was sexual play between children. masturbation, fellatio and homosexuality were all either encourage or accepted, and it was considered part of the education process for someone - usually an older female relative - to educate the child in proper sexual etiquette, different positions, the best ways to pleasure a partner, etc, etc.

The specifics depend on exactly which island you look at, but some of these features were present across practically all of the pacific. I can't think of any other society where adult-child relationships were so common. I know there were a couple of African tribes where sexual contact between adults and children occurred, but that tended to be more in a specific ritual context. For example, one tribe thought that their boys needed to drink semen as they grew in order to be fertile, but otherwise sex was between adults. In Polynesia, adult-child sex wasn't limited or performed withing the framework of religious beliefs or traditions. It was just normal for them.
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Go away.
3 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-02 03:38
OP makes some good points, underage twerk and dancing videos are hugely popular on YouTube (I don't think you can simply just account for this on echo influence alone) so perhaps it is "normal" on a biological level, still I have reservations about it being so openly promoted. It could also help to increase dwindling native and European descent birth rates in the West, so there's also that.

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